I have two different album types available– flush mount and printed book.  They are pretty similar but there are a few differences I’ll make note of here.

First is the flush mount album.  It is 12×12 (also available in 10×10 and 8×8 for the same price.)

It comes in a black box.

Opening the box.

It’s called a flush mount album because it the pages are two traditional photos glued back to back in between two black leather covers.  It can have up to 100 thin pages or 50 thicker pages. There is a crease in the middle but the image can run uninterrupted between the two pages.

A view with the spine visible.

Closed out and out of the box.

Close up of the binding.

The printed book is a little bit larger.  11.5×15 inches.  That’s about 20% larger by area than the flush mount album. It comes in a slip case.

The window here has my business name but I’ll put one of your pictures here.

The first page is translucent.

Pages lay flat but have a little black divide between them. The main advantage of the book vs the flush mount album is the number of pages.  The book is printed on thick paper which is still a lot thinner than 2 photos glued back to back so you can fit twice as many pages.  Your total number of pages is 200 with the book vs 100 with the flush mount album

Here’s the binding up close.

The big advantage of the flush mount album is the image quality.  The last picture of the bride is from a flush mount album.  The picture below of the groomsman is from the printed book.  You’ll see a some dots with the printed book if you look really closely.  These images are extreme close ups.  It’s not very noticeable from a reasonable distance but overall I give the image quality to the flush mount album.  Overall my recommendation is to pick the flush mount if you can limit the number of photos in your album to the 70-140 image range.  If you want 200-300 images in your album then the book is the way to go.  The book is also a bit less expensive and also less of a premium look.

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